Personal Tax Services

Personal Tax Services

Completion of personal tax returns can be a complex and time consuming task, with many reasons why you need to complete a tax return, such as, being self-employed, receiving property income or claiming child benefit as a high earner. There is also an ever-changing number of allowances and treatments that you need to be aware of.

At Kimber William & Co we can take away the stress that is sometimes associated with this task and ensure that you are only paying the right amount of tax.

We deal with returns covering a range of income sources, including:

  • Sole traders, locum GPs etc.
  • Property letting
  • Dividends & savings
  • Cryptocurrency trading
  • Employment income > £100k
  • Multiple employments / benefits in kind
  • Pensions (including annual allowance charges)
  • Trust income
  • Capital Gains tax

We will discuss tax liabilities arising, help you plan for future tax liabilities, and help you structure your business and tax affairs to make best use of allowances available.